• Vancouver Island Health Authority

    "We contracted itgroove in the fall of 2012 to help our operations team (due to a resourcing crunch) in supporting our SharePoint 2007 environment while building out a new SharePoint 2010 development environment as part of our SharePoint Services project. Sean's knowledge of SharePoint architecture was very welcome in discussions with our internal stakeholders. In addition, Keith was instrumental in moving several enormous site libraries which contained hundreds of thousands of records into a new archive web application which will reduce the time required to index our SharePoint for search. Finally, Colin was instrumental in replatforming a pilot InfoPath form for ergonomic assessments which had stopped working. Not only was he able to port it to a new server environment but he was also able to correct some of the underlying code which will make it 100% easier to port to the production environment when ready.   In short, itgroove was the extra set of (experienced) hands we needed, when we needed them."  

    Craig Mercer Project Manager – SharePoint Services Vancouver island Health Authority

    BC Public Service Agency

    "The BC Public Service Agency (PSA) provides leadership and services in human resources across all of the ministries within the Government of British Columbia.  The PSA needed help in designing and implementing three SharePoint site collections to better serve the needs of clients across the government – HR Project Requests and Management, HR Intranet and “Lean Initiatives”.  PSA chose itgroove Professional Services as our partner in this project as we had worked with Sean and his SharePoint team on other successful SharePoint projects.   Sean and Colin worked closely with our internal team to leverage the three new hosted site collections and helped to demystify the whole SharePoint “branding process” along the way.  It is very important to PSA that the branding solution is consistent across all site collections and all purposes and itgroove ensured our success in this area.  Sean and Colin also helped our team develop several different SharePoint web applications.   The most notable success was with our “Lean Project initiative” which integrates requests and project management processes leveraging SharePoint, InfoPath electronic forms and SharePoint workflows.  itgroove used a rapid and collaborative development process for this particular site to help educate our people on the “how’s” and “why’s” within SharePoint.   PSA can leverage this knowledge in the future with other SharePoint projects and it will help us to drive more value and capabilities out of our SharePoint investment.   We highly recommend itgroove and their SharePoint team to anyone looking for focused SharePoint consulting and implementation help."  

    Jeff Dorion M.Com (HRM), PMP Technical Project Manager Business Performance Division BC Public Service Agency

    BC Public Service Agency

    "I have four years of university teaching experience in IT and I would say Sean is absolutely top notch in terms of knowledge and teaching skills. He has the practical background with clients to give a level-headed view of the technology, too. It is little wonder that he is a Microsoft "Most Valuable Professional".

    Don Moffat BC Public Service Agency

    Tuscany Medical Clinic

    "itgroove has helped us set up an office network and server for running our Electronic Medical Records software. They have been very friendly and a pleasure to work with.

    The initial installation was done so quickly and professionally that we have asked them to continue providing ongoing network maintenance and support. Any issues that arise are addressed literally within a few minutes of sending them an email. They even do their maintenance work on evenings and weekends so that the office is not disrupted during business hours. I couldn't be happier and would recommend them to anyone."

    Dr. Heera Bindra Tuscany Medical Clinic

    Business Performance Division | BC Public Service Agency

    "Hi Sean,
    Just wanted to thank you again for you expertise and availability when we needed it. The work you contributed was instrumental to the success of the end product. It looks great, and works! Today it goes live to our 26,000 employees with great new features such as the MyRecords, and MyLocker, all in a beautifully branded custom template. Thanks again,"

    Ashley Whitworth Lead Technical Analyst Business Performance Division | BC Public Service Agency

    Canadian Union of Public Employees - Local 401

    "We came to Sean and the itgroove team with the challenge of finishing an installation that another IT company had not completed.  The team quickly assessed the situation, came up with a plan to fix and complete the installation and executed it perfectly.   It is not easy to come into a project half way but the smart thinking and experience really showed through.  We continue to work with itgroove to improve our internal systems.  They are an invaluable resource.

    Bob Palmer Worker Advocate Canadian Union Of Public Employees - Local 401 Nanaimo, B.C., www.cupe-401.com

    BC Assessment

    “BC Assessment selected SharePoint as the foundation for hosting our Internet and Intranet.   During the design and initial testing of the SharePoint services it became evident we would require assistance in operational implementation as well as ongoing monitoring and management of the new sites.    We engaged itgroove based on their experience and value for delivery.   We have been very pleased with the quality of the resources, knowledge, and their experience with SharePoint.   itgroove goes the extra mile to ensure “IT” happens.”   ”

    Dave Thompson Director, Information Technology - BC Assessment www.bcassessment.ca

    Commonwealth of Learning

    “I am so pleased and impressed with the documents that you have prepared. They are very professional.  They give me assurance and confidence that everything is in good shape, there are checklists and all issues are tracked. This is the style that most customers dream of their consultants.  Most consultants underestimate the power & responsibilities of good documentation and the benefits and values of keeping customers informed and trained on their systems – which in turn give the customers more confidence to depend on the consultants for future projects.   I also appreciate that you always go the extra miles to check, follow-up and make sure that our SharePoint system is running smoothly.”

    Anna Lee Commonwealth of Learning www.col.org

    Westcoast Oral Surgery

    "Our practice was expanding and itgroove assisted us by advising on the best solution to meet our needs. Our office is now more efficient and our IT is reliable and fulfills our business requirements perfectly. itgroove is professional, personable and very responsive. We recommend them to help your business as they did for us”.

    Dr. Brian Draper Westcoast Oral Surgery Victoria

    Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

    I am pleased to recommend itgroove limited to anyone requiring technical support for their home or business. I was impressed with Sean's technical knowledge as well as his courteous and friendly manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to assist anyone with their computer issues.

    Karen Green Office Manager, Vancouver Island Branch, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation www.cbcf.org

    Osler Systems

    I sought advice, got recommendations and upgraded all four of our back-end servers according to itgroove's suggestions. Now they're monitoring our critical systems, including our Network, Email, File and Database Servers, and I can sleep at night.

    Mark Sudul General Manager, Osler Systems, Sidney BC www.oslersystems.com

    MD Esthetics

    "We invested heavily in the best medical software," says Milkovich. "The staff at itgroove coordinated the purchase of our hardware, the installation of the hardware and the software, and the training of our staff. They worked out a timeline and stuck to it. We really appreciated that. Everything was seamless, and they were very professional."

    Dr. Dan Milkovich Medical Director, MD Esthetics, Victoria BC www.lookamazing.ca

  • Allnorth Consultants Limited


    We engaged itGroove in the 11th hour of a badly listing internal SharePoint project. Sean and his team of highly skilled professionals jumped right in, assessing the work completed and determining what could be salvaged versus what needed to be redone.  itGroove’s experience and confidence became immediately evident as they tackled requirements we had been struggling with for weeks.  They easily configured features we had believed needed to be custom programmed.  In the end, with a lot of hard work and well-focused expertise provided by Sean’s team, we were able to turn our project into a big win for Allnorth. I would not hesitate to recommend itGroove for your SharePoint projects."

    Gord Cross Manager, Business Solutions Allnorth Consultants Limited.

    Schneider Electric

    "Sean & Colin,

    I just wanted to write and thank you for the part you played in the success of our SharePoint project.  The branding project you helped us with produced a very clean, easy to use, and consistent interface across all aspects of our SharePoint environment.  The various prototypes we worked through together showed your dedication to ensuring we kept grounded and had both a product we felt comfortable with, as well as one which met with your SharePoint branding experience best practices.

    The visual design components we agreed upon were very well received by our staff, and helped them to become more comfortable with using SharePoint as a whole.  We especially like some of the more innovative ideas related to search, as well as the shortcut icons now available from every page throughout SharePoint.  The breadcrumb adjustments we made were among my personal favourites and should create substantial navigation efficiencies for our users.

    We’ll be looking to your experience again in the future as we look to further our relationship and continue to incorporate some of your latest ideas which we haven’t yet explored.  Your team always has new and exciting creations which are worth looking at how to incorporate into our own solutions."

    Marc S. Gelinas Manager, Global Collaboration Tools & Process Schneider Electric www.schneider-electric.com

    Prime Engineering

    "Thank you for the SBS and BES server replacement and installation at our offices. The installation was seamless and we were back up and running right on schedule. We were very pleased with the professional and well thought out process of transferring our critical data files to the new server.".

    Eric Sleigh, P.Eng General Manager Prime Engineering

    Stepney Marsh

    "Dear Sean, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
    Details of the Recommendation: "I have worked with Sean on two major projects and many smaller ones. The first large project, I was the project manager in charge of merging 6 un-trusting NT domains from around the world into one Active Directory domain, and migrating all 1400 servers, workstations, and users into that domain. I hired Sean as Technical Lead and together we designed the architecture of the new network. Sean directly lead the migration at the Connecticut and Zurich sites, and was involved in the Toronto, Bermuda, and Paris sites. The project finished under budget, one week late, and was considered a resounding success. The second large project, we were both senior consultants for a large new build for an existing firm splitting from their parent, Sean in charge of Active Directory and Exchange, me in charge of Citrix. This project encompassed 4 countries on both sides of the Atlantic. We have also built, fixed, rebuilt, or supported together many networks, servers, and applications for smaller reinsurance firms. Sean has an excellent work ethic, amazing Microsoft technical knowledge, and a cheerful attitude. I would work with him any day."

    Eric Huntington - CEO Stepney Marsh

    GeoDigital International

    "itgroove is a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly group that I can count on for professional advice and implementation.  As a project manager, itgroove is one of my most trusted solution providers."

    Jessica Vreeswijk Project Services Coordinator GeoDigital International www.geodigital.net

    Wireless Ventures Ltd

    "Sean is first class, top of the food chain, THE expert. I work and live in the IT and Telecoms world and every single time over the last 7 years I have had a problem that no one else could resolve I have found the answer with Sean.
    Sean just knows how to get it done. Even other experts in the IT field recommend Sean. That says it all. I can think of two times in recent memory that I have gone to a local IT consulting firm and contacted their top person for very high level work and they have told me straight, "oh you need this guy Sean Wallbridge!"
    In my experience you can spend an hour troubleshooting yourself, but you need to recognize when you hit your own professional limits; then call Sean.
    I have been a direct customer of Sean where he helped us launch the first GSM network in Bermuda, I have helped Sean with some of his projects and I have most recently partnered with Sean to solve some of my customer issues that no one else has been able to do so quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
    Keep Sean in your contacts!"

    John Manderson Wireless Ventures Ltd, Bermuda www.wirelessventuresltd.com


    "If I could have chosen more than 3 boxes to check above I would have! Sean's depth of knowledge is such that at time he seems to have "written the book".

    Tony Nagel QuoVadis, Bermuda www.quovadis.bm

    "itgroove has provided extensive services to both our company and our clients over the past several years. As a managed security provider, QuoVadis has exacting standards for the design, installation, and maintenance of our technology. We consider itgroove to be a reliable and efficient resource for critical tasks. "Sean is smart and reliable. He combines great technology skills with an understanding of how they can help your business. He's a great person to have on your team when the pressure's on."

    Stephen Davidson Vice President , QuoVadis, Bermuda www.quovadis.bm


    Sean is one of only a handful people that truly helped me become a better IT consultant. His passion for technology and his ability to unite systems to work together as part of a total solution truly make him a leader in the field.

    Gordon Skinner Network Technologist - SBI, Bermuda www.sbi.bm

    ISI Publications

    Our company relies on technology, web sales and email. Our people are spread around the globe, our budget is not immense and we face new challenges daily. itgroove provides unparalled service and support which has proven critical to our success. From desktop freezes, to critical security threats and the wide gamut of issues in between, itgroove deals with all that we throw at them. Unlike support we have had in the past, itgroove takes the time to think through the implications of their proposals for our core business, making concrete suggestions as to improvements we can make and the cost benefits involved in a clear and concise way, with no techno-babble.

    Sarah Barham Founder and Director, ISI Publications www.isipublications.com

  • Points West Transcription Services

    "I can't recommend Sean highly enough. I was referred to him for help with a dysfunctional SharePoint site that someone else had designed for me. Sean spent two hours of his time in a virtual meeting with me at dinnertime, thoroughly reviewing the site and my business needs. Ultimately he confirmed what had been his suspicion before we began, which was that SharePoint was not right venue for my business needs. He explained the reasons in great detail and it was clear that he not only has an incredible in-depth knowledge of SharePoint and how it's used around the world, but also of other programs and programming languages. He has extensive industry contacts with specialists in other areas and was able to refer me to an expert SQL programmer who could perfectly meet my needs. The cost for all of this? Free. He had compassion for me because I'd spent a small fortune on a site which it was clear I couldn't use. The world could use more guys like Sean! Expert knowledge, kind, and generous in the extreme with their time. Thank you Sean!"

    Shelley Forrest, Principal - Points West Transcription Services - Vancouver, BC www.pointswesttranscription.com

    Bermuda Law Reports

    "Sean and itgroove have assisted me numerous times with setup and implementation of Bermuda Law Reports Ltd. I regularly turn to him for advice on security issues, website design and general IT queries. Service is foremost in his mind and results are both time and cost effective."

    Karen Skiffington Bermuda Law Reports, Bermuda www.bdalawreports.net

    Canwest Accounting

    "We are extremely happy with Sean and his team at itgroove. They installed our new server and upgraded our desktops without any downtime for our business. We deal in very time sensitive and confidential data, so we rely on itgroove to keep us working. The team at itgroove are extremely competent and totally reliable – the ultimate professionals. Everyone at itgroove is friendly, personable and extremely competent. We would not hesitate to recommend them!"

    Sharlane Bailey Manager, Canwest Accounting Victoria www.canwestaccounting.ca

  • Alterra Capital Services UK Ltd.

    "Sean, and his team, have been invaluable in helping to develop and deliver a SharePoint environment that provides flexibility for the end user whilst maintaining best practice from an administration perspective. Although Sean is the principal of itgroove he remains accessible and hands on with his clients, regardless of their size. He, and the team, are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients and I highly recommend their services to any business that wants to leverage SharePoint."

    Service Category: Business Consultant

    Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)

    Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

    Duncan Deacon Global IT Governance & Vendor Apps Lead ALTERRA CAPITAL SERVICES UK Ltd


    "I've had the pleasure of working with Sean on two occasions - both where he supplied a team of consultants skilled in networking / Microsoft technologies for engagements that I was responsible for.

    Sean and his team went out of their way to deliver value to the customer, making themselves available at a moments notice to respond to customer needs. They demonstrated deep technical expertise - quickly solving complex technical issues that had gone undiagnosed for months by other IT consultants.

    I trust Sean to provide sound technical advice and to deliver results. He's also a really great guy to work with."

    Catherine Linde Senior Project Manager IBM/AWAC


    "itgroove's breadth of knowledge is impressive and they use their time efficiently. They bill fairly and are sensitive to budget constraints. Particularly commendable has been their willingness to teach our on-site staff. Now those administrative tasks can be performed easily without needing to consult an outside IT professional (even though such instruction ultimately cuts down on itgroove's billable hour opportunities with us)."

    Valere Costello President & CEO, Invesdex, Bermuda www.invesdex.com

    Partner Reinsurance Ltd.

    "I would like to formally thank you for a job well done by Sean Wallbridge on the Global Windows 2000 Infrastructure project we recently completed. The project involved merging six Windows NT4 un-trusting domains into one Active Directory (AD) domain. The scope included migrating seven hundred computer accounts, creating seven hundred user accounts and migrating old profiles to the new accounts, migrating all TCP/IP services into the AD machines, and training Local IT departments in their new environment. Sean was directly involved in the Toronto, Bermuda, Greenwich, Zurich, and Paris migrations. Sean acted as Technical Lead in the project and together we designed the AD and TCP/IP services. As usual, Sean demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge of the subject, showed great dedication to the project in the long hours worked during each site migration."

    Eric Huntington IT Project Manager, Global Infrastructure, Partner Reinsurance Ltd. www.partnerre.com

    Latin American Re

    "I hired Sean Wallbridge from [previous company] - one of my competitors here. He did in one week what I couldn't in a year. He ignored Microsoft's advice, and immediately advised...<insert technical jargon>"

    Joe Geaney IT Manager, Latin American Re

  • RG Facilities and Victoria Royals

    "itgroove has been the technology provider of the Victoria Royals and the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre/RG Facilities, Victoria for almost a decade. I know I can depend on the quality of knowledge and professionalism provided by itgroove, whether it be supporting the arena's technology, managing our websites or assisting us in developing new products and services.”

    Dave Dakers President, Alternate Governor Victoria Royals & Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria BC www.victoriaroyals.com, www.sofmc.com

    Lason Lamb

    "Okay, I've been putting this off for a while, but it's self-promotion time. About three months ago, I got an email from this guy Sean, who owns IT Groove, a web company here in Victoria. He said he was a fan of the morning show, and he had seen me do comedy a couple times, but he couldn't find much about me online. He asked if I was interested in getting my own website. It's something I've been thinking about doing for years, but never got around to.

    So, now I have my own website. It's at www.jasonlamb.ca and I think you should give it a gander. There's some video clips of my comedy, some photos, and a link to my 'Wrath of Lamb' blog, and other stuff. It's a work in progress, and there will be much more stuff on there in the future. I can't thank Sean and Darren at IT Groove enough, they really helped me with this thing, and were very patient with my endless questions and ineptitude. So, go to jasonlamb.ca... it's the new Facebook.

    Lason Lamb - A professional stand up comedian, co-host of 'The Zone' morning show, and host of 'Lafftop' on CHEK TV in Victoria, BC.

    The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society

    "This is just a brief note to thank you and your team for the technical support provided to The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society.
    When you undertook the work to complete the setup of our server and SharePoint services it was immediately evident that the process was going to be an easy one to follow. Your preparation, communication and follow up were very well executed and your staff was supportive and easy to talk to.
    One benefit to working with you was the way you looked at the “big picture” when assessing our requirements and limitations. Drawing our attention to some short-term solutions that we can build upon was something that others failed to do for us.
    I look forward to working with itgroove in the future and I will be referring people to you without hesitation.

    John Hughes Craigdarroch Castle Manager, Operation and Development www.thecastle.ca

    RG Facilities and Victoria Salmon Kings

    itgroove has been the technology provider of the Victoria Salmon Kings since the team's inaugural season and has grown to include the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre and RG Facilities, Victoria.  I know I can depend on the quality of knowledge and professionalism provided by itgroove, whether it be supporting the arena's technology, managing our websites or assisting us in developing new products and services.

    Dave Dakers President, Alternate Governor Victoria Salmon Kings & Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria BC www.salmonkings.com, www.sofmc.com

    Ambrosia Convention & Event Center

    "itgroove assisted us in the acquisition of an existing business and its legacy technology, and expertly merged our technologies to produce a single, cohesive platform.  Our business requirements were gathered and the appropriate technology was provided and implemented swiftly.  In addition, itgroove helped us automate some of our business processes, to streamline our operations. Throughout our technology implementation and now in ongoing support, itgroove's staff have been very helpful, responsive and professional.  We are confident in our technology with itgroove as a business partner and this allows us to concentrate on what we are good at - events and catering".

    Lori Walker-Duncan Co-owner - Ambrosia Convention and Event Centre, Victoria BC www.ambrosiacatering.ca

  • Tourism Victoria

    "Before hiring itgroove, Tourism Victoria was experiencing major malfunctions and even some “non-functions” within our IT network. Tourism Victoria contracted with itgroove in October 2011 for a “Business Technology Assessment”. itgroove provided us with a very in-depth report that highlighted a number of problem areas and also provided clear and precise recommendations to remedy the problems they found.

    We truly appreciated the assessment and itgroove’s professionalism in delivering their concerns and recommendations to resolve in this report. Tourism Victoria decided to contract with itgroove to provide ongoing IT support to our organization. Over the course of the past year, itgroove has worked with us to stabilize and improve our IT infrastructure and they also helped us design the network infrastructure for our new corporate office. Our systems run much better than before, our two offices communicate reliably over revamped network connections and our user’s IT needs are dealt with promptly and efficiently by itgroove.  And, best of all, our overall monthly billed hours for IT support have dropped as a direct result of itgroove’s work to clean up and stabilize our environment.   We would happily recommend itgroove to any organization looking for help with their IT needs!"

    Tamra Mcquitty Vice-President, Finance & Corporate Services

    Lekker Food Distributors LTD.

    "To whom it may concern,

    I have been using the services of itgroove for the past few months and I am more than pleased with my decision to switch from our old IT service provider to them.

    I have found them to be very knowledgeable, organized and thorough. Robert has never promised me anything that he didn’t follow through with and complete. Everything we have asked of him has been dealt with in a timely manner and there hasn’t been any issue that he has not been able to correct quickly.

    Overall, I feel very confident leaving our computer system in the hands of itgroove. I think that trust is something I do not do very quickly but I have 100% confidence in itgroove."

    Richard van Wiltenburg President – Lekker Food Distributors LTD.

    TierOne Travel

    "Sean & Colin,

    We wanted to thank you for your help in making our SharePoint solution a success.  Your continued involvement has made sure that we were able to provide the content to our end users that they needed most. When we started off this project, we didn’t have a very firm grasp on which product to select from - be it SharePoint, or several other competing technologies.  Thanks to Sean’s involvement, we were able to perform a fair and reasonable analysis of the benefits of each technology, based on our desired feature sets.  This helped lead to a corporate decision to go with SharePoint, and we’ve never looked back. Following the setup, Sean took the time to help train our team on the various features of SharePoint, zeroing in on how we’d like to use the system, and provided the most relevant training for our needs.  Following Sean’s initial training, Colin provided months of valuable one-on-one time with me in helping me to learn the intricacies of wiki page editing and assisted me in getting around some of the nasty little gotchas. Again, we just wanted to say a big thank you and are very pleased to provide you with this recommendation."

    Darci Beamish Branch Administrator TierOne Travel tieronetravel.com

    Ambrosia Conference and Event Centre

    "Thank You Sean! Someone once said that computers (and computing) are supposed to make things easier and do so with less paper. The way of the future! Until I was introduced to the Ambrosia Event Manager, I never believed that was possible in a hospitality and catering business. The Event Manager that Sean created (and supports) for the Ambrosia Centre is a work of art. Not only does it allow for seamless access to client and event information, it's paper saver. I consistantly brag to clients and future clients about the simple and sophisticated software based business model that Ambrosia utilizes in its daily operations. The Ambrosia Centre's Sharepoint system is an excellent business tool that allows us to operate in a simple and sustainable manner. Great post Sean and looking forward to more great support from you and the itgroove team."

    Anthony Sanna Sales & Marketing Manager Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre www.ambrosiacentre.com

    Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre

    "The team at itgroove have proven time and time again to be complete professionals in the world of information technology.  Since the very beginning of our working relationship 4 years ago they have risen to every challenge and overcome them all in order to make our technology work for us effectively and reliably.

    We were recommended to MS SharePoint by Sean and had no hesitation taking his advice.  The set up and installation was carried out on time, on budget and to our schedule.  The training we received at the outset and since has been clear, easy to follow, understandable and enjoyable.  SharePoint has proven invaluable for our operation and as we get to understand the system more intimately I can see how it will allow us to grow and work more effectively growing with us and providing a solid platform for our future business.  Having just scratched the surface of it’s potential, I look forward to a time when we are fully able to harness the power of this outstanding system.

    We have always been able to contact any of the support team quickly and they are extremely helpful in their delivery and solutions to any challenges faced.  Whether by remote access or on-site support the team at IT Groove have proven again and again their commitment to customer service regardless of the size of company.

    I refer Sean and the itgroove team often and will continue to do so as well as looking forward to many more years of working together."

    Steve Walker-Duncan, CCC Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre Victoria, BC www.ambrosiacentre.com

    Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa

    "We're delighted to have IT Groove as part of the Sidney Pier team.  Technology can be frustrating when it doesn't function the way it was designed to.  We no longer have to worry about losing valuable time due to "technical difficulties".

    Amber Fiddler Director, Sales & Marketing www.sidneypier.com

    "Hi Sean, I just wanted to let you know how great Avi has been.  He has been attentive, prompt, informative and very helpful.  As have you!!!  Anyway - I just wanted to say how pleased I am to finally be in a position of having such confidence in our support.  Thanks so much."

    Lisa Hall General Manager www.sidneypier.com

    "Hi Avi, At all times in dealing with you, Sean, Darren and David you have demonstrated a world-class commitment to service excellence. Keep it up and there's no way of stopping you."

    Markus Gressier Past General Manager www.sidneypier.com

    Executive House Hotel

    "Earlier this year, the Executive House Hotel had decided to upgrade their Property Management System. itgroove came highly recommended by a colleague, so we proceeded to make contact. During the initial meeting, I was very impressed at itgroove's aptitude for ascertaining our business requirements. itgroove provided me with a complete and concise quote and project plan which was accepted and executed with precision. Ever since implementation, itgroove has proactively managed our infrastructure and have thus provided 100% availability for our line of business applications. I would highly recommend itgroove not only as a trusted IT advisor, but a dependable and reliable managed services provider. Keep up the good work guys!"

    Kent Mcfayden Property/Purchase Manager , Executive House Hotel, Victoria BC www.executivehouse.com

    Ambrosia Convention & Event Center

    "itgroove assisted us in the acquisition of an existing business and its legacy technology, and expertly merged our technologies to produce a single, cohesive platform.  Our business requirements were gathered and the appropriate technology was provided and implemented swiftly.  In addition, itgroove helped us automate some of our business processes, to streamline our operations. Throughout our technology implementation and now in ongoing support, itgroove's staff have been very helpful, responsive and professional.  We are confident in our technology with itgroove as a business partner and this allows us to concentrate on what we are good at - events and catering".

    Lori Walker-Duncan Co-owner - Ambrosia Convention and Event Centre, Victoria BC www.ambrosiacatering.ca

  • Price's Alarm Systems Ltd

    "Price's Alarms has built a network of trust and reliability with our clients throughout Vancouver Island.  For our own computer network systems, we have come to trust the professionalism and experience within itgroove.  itgroove has provided the consultation, implementation and support necessary to maintain our critical operations. I highly recommend them."
    Jim Brohm Operations Manager Price's Alarm Systems Ltd Victoria www.pricesalarms.ca

    Commissionaires of Victoria

    "We have been a client of IT Groove for about a year. In that time they have proven to be an exceptional company providing outstanding customer service. There are three incidents that come to mind that typify their service and dedication:
    a.       We were having issues setting up our firewall to allow digital video cameras to be monitored via the internet on a Blackberry outside our premises. IT Groove was able to research the problem and come up with a solution which allowed us to demonstrate the capability across the country in Halifax NS;
    b.      We had an issue with our ERP software and were unable to print reports. IT Groove conducted extensive troubleshooting, identified the problem, fixed it and we were operating normally in no time; and
    c.       We recently had a workstation fail at a remote site. IT Groove configured one of their own spares, loaded some special applications and had the site back up and running in a matter of hours.
    All this to say that they are focussed on their clients’ needs, responsive, innovative in their solutions and dedicated to minimizing problems."
    John Gabel Director of Administration www.securityguardsvictoria.com
  • FSC International

    “ FSC International is a design/build company that relocated its design studio to Victoria three years ago. ITGroove very efficiently set up our new office systems including the server, networks, domain and email accounts. Our work requires transferring large drawing files and construction documents to clients in other countries and ITGroove set up the necessary secure portals to support this.  In our experience they are exceptionally well informed and quick to grasp what we needed. Sean, Darren and Avi are all remarkably friendly and therefore a pleasure to deal with.“

    Daniel Adam Chief Architect, FSC International Victoria Office

  • BC Ferries

    "itgroove helped us get out of a bind.  We hired another company to develop a SharePoint 2010 solution for us and it started going “off the rails.”  itgroove came in to get the project back on track and we delivered the project based on the original schedule and budget.  Adding to this, the solution provided by itgroove met best-of-class standards, fit within our existing SDLC processes, was scalable for future growth, and used off-the-shelf add-ons that met our business needs.  The beauty of using off-the-shelf add-ons is that once we went live with the SharePoint 2010 solution, we could maintain, tweak, and enhance our solution without having to continually rely on a 3rd party company for every little change.  They actually put in a solution that would decrease or even eliminate our need for them down the road.  Thanks for taking one for the Team itgroove!"

    Rob Morrison - Manager, Maintenance, Supply & Reporting Applications British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. www.bcferries.com

    Total Delivery Systems

    "Hi Robert,

    I’m not sure if  you are the right person to e-mail this to but I just wanted to pass along a note of tremendous appreciation for one of your staff members – Jeremy Dahl.  

    Yesterday I had a one hour training session with Jeremy where he went over how I can improve on the overall look of our company website and how to improve our exposure on search engines/our site rank etc.  I don’t have a background in website management so all of this is very new to me.

    I just wanted to say that Jeremy is an absolutely wonderful trainer – he is patient, calm and easy to learn from.  He gave me some great pointers and walked me through each step in such a way that I could follow along and understand quite easily.

    I don’t know if you have any kind of recognition or incentive programs but he definitely deserves something as a sign of appreciation for being exceptional!

    A BIG THANK YOU to Jeremy. J

    Thanks Robert!!  All of your staff have been wonderful to work with.

    Best Regards,"

    Julia Mason BC North Operations Supervisor Total Delivery Systems

    BC Ferries Corporation

    "Was great working with you and your team last week…  it’s nice to work with a team with as much expertise and excellent customer service as you and your team has .  Thanks again".

    Scott Wilson Technical Analyst BC Ferries

    Total Delivery Systems

    "Total Delivery Systems Inc. engaged itgroove to support our IT Infrastructure in April 2008. Since itgroove took over from our previous vendor our systems have become very stable & reliable.  With itgroove we have now established an infrastructure that we can grow and expand on with confidence.  We have followed through on most of their recommendations and are very pleased with the results they promised and delivered on.  In addition, we now have a back-up system that we have confidence in so we can return to focusing on our business without worrying about our IT."

    Chris Chater President & CEO Total Delivery Systems Inc. www.totaldeliverysystems.com

  • BC Aboriginal Friendship Centres

    "Robert   I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I and the BCAAFC appreciate your and the ITGroove team's efforts in assisting us in our upgrade.   From the beginning, your team demonstrated to us a willingness to be a full partner by working hard to ensure that our hardware, software and budget requirements were all met prior to the migration.   While all upgrades are challenging, this one, in particular, combined several different phases ranging from hardware and software planning, hardware installation and set up, and finally migrating an almost obsolete version of Small Business Server to the most current version using a state of the art migration tool.   This was not a simple multi phase transition but you and the rest of the ITGroove team worked diligently to ensure the migration was done in an orderly, safe and successful fashion.   In the end, although a lot of hours were put in to implement the plan, our users and their data were successfully migrated to the new hardware and Operating System software. Except for a few minor anticipated user issues after the install, the migration itself was almost entirely transparent to our users in relation to the recapture of their data and their ability to continue using the same methodologies to access programs and web site information.   Please forward this letter of thanks to your fellow team members and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts. Feel free to use this letter as a letter of recomendation to any existing or potential customers you may have in the future.   I will be moving on to my pre-BCAAFC status as of this coming Friday but I am sure ITGroove's partnership with the BCAAFC will continue for quite a while based on the excellent work your team continues to deliver to this company.   Best of luck in your and ITGroove's future endeavours".

    Neal Lithwick Information Technology BCAAFC

    Commonwealth of Learning

    “I am so pleased and impressed with the document that you have prepared. They are very professional. They give me assurance and confidence that everything is in good shape, there are checklists and all issues are tracked. This is the style that most customers dream of their consultants. Most consultants underestimate the power & responsibilities of good documentation and the benefits and values of keeping customers informed and trained on their systems – which in turn give the customers more confidence to depend on the consultants for future projects. I also appreciate that you always go the extra miles to check, follow-up and make sure that our SharePoint system is running smoothly.”

    Anna Lee Commonwealth of Learning www.col.org


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